US Missile Defense Test Fails For The Third Time


missile test

So much for the third time being the charm. The US tested it’s missile defense system and failed again. Republicans blame it on the Obama administration’s budget requests.

In a letter responding to the unsuccessful test of the ground-based midcourse defense system (GMD), the four said the system “appears to have been put on ‘life support’ under the Obama Administration’s budget requests.”

The last successful GMD test took place in December 2008, when an interceptor missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. intercepted and destroyed a long-range ballistic missile target launched in Alaska minutes earlier.

Since then there have been three failed tests of the system, the most recent on July 5, when an interceptor missile launched from Vandenberg AFB failed to intercept a target launched from a test site in the Marshall Islands.

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said officials would carry out an extensive review to determine the reasons for the failure. (Read More)

Hmmm. I just have to wonder, wasn’t there a time when Congress decided where our tax dollars were spent? Then again, it was Obama that nixed missile defense in Poland, and doesn’t seem that into the idea of building one on the east coast here at home. I guess he prefers to spend the money spying on everyday Americans going about their lives.