Time To Rush To Subway



The left is at it again, trying to shut down Rush Limbaugh. Don’t these idiots ever learn? Their latest target is the Subway sandwich chain. I guess I’ll be going to Subway for sandwiches this week. Yum. I like sandwiches. And how can you go wrong when you “eat fresh?”

Stacy McCain has the details:

The anti-Subway/anti-Limbaugh campaign would seem to be a demonstration project by Green intended to showcase the effectiveness of (a) his online prowess as a Twitter consultant, and (b) his group, Unite Blue. If he can take out this one advertiser, Green wins — he’s the Big Dog and, presumably, he gets more consulting clients.

Well . . . Hello, massive fail: Rush Limbaugh has millions of radio listeners, while Green’s supposedly influential online organization@UniteBlue has only about 18,000 followers on Twitter (fewer followers than I have as an individual) and Rush’s listeners quickly put together their own “Rush to Subway” campaign that led to crowded dining rooms and lines out the door today at lunch time.

There is a problem that the anti-Limbaugh crowd can’t seem to understand: Bad causes attract bad people. Trying to shut down the most successful talk-radio program in America — to silence dissent against the Democrat-Media Complex — is a very bad cause indeed.

Is it therefore surprising to know that one of the key activists in #UniteBlue — indeed, a board member — turned out to be a drug dealer who was fighting child pornography charges? William “Bill” Talley was exposed in May after Zack Green and #UniteBlue tried to quietly dump him from the board and hush up the scandal. On May 29, Talley was sentenced to prison at a hearing in Nashville: (Read More)

Isn’t it quaint the way the media ignores the criminal histories of leftist activists?

Just as a side note, this reminds me of a kid that was on one of my son’s baseball teams a few years ago. He was good little player who had a Subway sandwich before every game. Eventually he was given the nickname “Subway.” I don’t know if the name stuck, but who knows, maybe he’ll be their next spokeskid.