The Latest On The IRS Scandal


It’s been another busy day, so other than the news of Christine O’Donnell’s tax records being breached while she was running for the Senate, I’ve missed the latest revelations. Here are some links that should bring you up to date.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darryl Issa said that he has information directly linking the IRS scandal to the White House.

It turns out that the chief counsel at the IRS overseeing the targeting of conservative groups is a guy named William Wilkins. He just happens to be an Obama appointee and is a big donor to Democrats. He also at one time represented Obama’s old pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. What a coincidence.

A career tax attorney at the IRS testified that when he recommended approval of some tea party groups he was told to get more information. Who told him that? Employees of Wilkins’s office. He also heard officials talk of creating a template for tea party groups.

I’m sure that these stories won’t get much play from the major media outlets.