San Diego Reporter Admits Media Knew All Along Filner’s A Big Perv


Doug Curlee, a reporter in San Diego, admitted in a column yesterday that the local media knew all along what Mayor “Bob Filner is and has been.” He went on to say that they did nothing about it other than gossip about it over drinks.

We didn’t do our jobs. We didn’t try to work our way to the truth or what appeared to be the truth.

We didn’t uphold the tenets of our profession—to find the truth, whatever it may be, and present it to you for your information and judgment.

Why didn’t we? Probably several reasons, although they are reasons that shouldn’t have been good enough to stop us.

Was it because Filner had established himself as a Democratic power here—for a long time, theonly Democratic power here?

Was it because he had built his electoral power base generally south of Interstate 8, among the “minority” communities of African-Americans, Latinos and Filipinos?

Was it because Filner totally controlled the votes and campaign funds of large and ever-growing organized labor groups, the unions?

Was it because economic pressure was brought to bear on TV station ownerships or newspaper ownerships, all of whom depend on advertising dollars as their prime source of revenue?

Was it because we were just lazy? (Read More)

John Nolte noticed one question left off the above list, and that is whether they would have given a pass to Filner the perverted predator for so long if he was a Republican. I think we all know the answer to that question. Not that this is a surprise. The media didn’t want any part of the Anthony Weiner story until they had no choice but to report on it.