Politico: That Right Wing Nut Job Ted Cruz Sure Is a Legitimate Threat


Politico has a laughable opinion piece about Senator Ted Cruz and the 2016 presidential election. It starts okay, I suppose, noting his rhetorical gifts and his ability to connect with people. But then it goes on to characterize conservative Republicans as a bunch of nut-job religious zealots, so who better to lead us than Ted Cruz?

Here are just a few key excerpts:

Thus the U.S. Republican base weds a religiously driven cultural anxiety about changes in the norms of gender relationships (in this, the most religious country among the peer democracies) to an ultra-libertarian opposition to taxes; income transfers and other benefits to poor people; and environmental, consumer, and labor regulation of companies. Only in the United States are the libertarian acolytes of Ayn Rand also, unlike the militantly atheist Rand, religiously devout.


Cruz is a deeply religious Baptist who opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage. He is more supportive of the right to bear arms than Rambo on stilts and steroids. He also believes the constitution permits the radical diminution of the federal government, and he thus lives at the crossroads of the U.S. conservative ideological synthesis. […]

Cruz also enthusiastically carries forward the party’s typical militarist affect, and underscores it with a demagogically retro Cold War rhetoric reminiscent of the famous senator he uncannily resembles: Joseph McCarthy.


So it’s best to think of Cruz as the perfect expression of what Perry and Rubio were mere beta versions: the exemplification, brilliantly articulated, of the fringe pathologies trapped in the body of a major party that is today’s GOP. Cruz is the real deal. He is deeply grounded in his worldview, and skilled in his presentation of it.


Ted Cruz is everything that is dangerous and wrongheaded about the modern Republican Party — a politician whose cosmopolitan credentials are being used in the service of a radically anti-modernist, culturally and economically reactionary project. Yet that project is the animating vision of one of our two major parties. And nobody in America expresses that vision with more clarity, conviction, and power than Ted Cruz. (Read More)

Um, thanks?

Seriously, there’s more at the link, like how we conservatives oppose the rotten, pork-laden, job-killing immigration bill because of a fear of “others.” Wouldn’t Cruz be one of those “others” we supposedly fear?

Oh well, at least now we have the blueprint for how the media will portray Cruz should he decide to run in 2016.