Peter King For President? I Hope Not!


Oh, I hope this is just a rumor.

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In a recent political development that could only be called surprising, Newsmax has learned that Rep. Peter King (R-NY), past chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is being encouraged by friends in and outside the Empire State to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

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Several of those friends told us that the popular Republican — who turned 69 in April and is now in his 11th term as congressman from New York’s Third District — has returned the show of support in a presidential bid with a strong maybe.

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King, one of the House’s most vocal national security advocates, is said to be concerned about the declining preparedness situation and economic malaise he sees the nation facing after two terms of President Obama.

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“I saw Peter last week and he certainly didn’t rule [a presidential run] out,” said one source close to the congressman who requested anonymity, “A lot of folks are telling him to do it and he sure acts interested.” (Read More)

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The article goes on to note that King has plenty of wealthy New York donors. Great. Just what we need.

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Remember, this is the same guy who went into a fit of histrionics when he thought a pork-laden bill to help victims of Hurricane Sandy was threatened by the few legislators with common sense. Oh, and of course, we haven’t heard him say boo about the upstate NY flood victims who were denied any aid at all by the federal government. They aren’t in his district, so what does he care?

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Peter King would just be another John McCain, only from the lower house. No thanks.