Pentagon Spent Over $80K On TVs For Gitmo


Has it been a while since you’ve purchased a new TV or DVD player? In this economy, I’m sure there are plenty of Americans out there who can’t afford such a luxury. But if it makes you feel any better, your tax dollars are going to buying plenty of new TV and DVD combos for the Guantanamo Bay detention center to the tune of about 80 grand.

The Army’s Expeditionary Contracting Command (ECC) procured a $62,125 contract for television/DVD player combos on May 30.  The award went to Intech, Inc., a Government Services Administration (GSA) approved vendor.

second contract, announced on July 11, allots $18,981.25 for TV sets and TV mounts.  This award was given to Digital Plaza Direct, the “electronics company of choice for all federal and local government purchasers.”

In all, the Army spent $81,106.25 in 42 days on television equipment for the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel warned just a day before the second TV purchase that sequestration will cause “serious damage” to the military…. on July 10.

Furloughs for the Pentagon began on Monday July 9, when 650,000 civilian workers were forced to take the first of 11 days off without pay, one a week through September. (Read More)

The article says that it’s unclear whether or not the equipment is for the prisoners, but they have a DVD library with over 2,500 titles, so you can probably make an educated guess. It’s doubtful the guards need $80K worth of TVs.