Oh, The Humidity!


Here in Central New York we’re still stuck in this weird, wet weather pattern. I don’t know if it’s the humidity, but for some reason this little bunny let a human like me get close enough to snap a photo with my phone.

photo (26)

We’ve had some nice days, but it seems to rain, make that pour, at least once a day. Last night I drove through a torrential downpour to my son’s baseball game. It was his first night game which was supposed to start at 8:30 but didn’t start until 9:30 because of the rain. The mosquitoes were out with a vengeance and the air was like soup. I was almost embarrassed by the frizz in my hair until I looked around and realized I wasn’t alone. I guess there’s no amount of hair product to combat the moisture when it’s this damp.

It was getting close to 1:00 AM by the time I got his uniform in the dryer so it would be ready for the game this morning. Today it didn’t rain, but it was and is still damp and humid. Instead of trying to squeeze in a blog post this morning before the game I went for a run before it got really hot. After the game I had to do laundry again because they have another game Sunday morning.(Wish them luck, in order to advance they have to win, since they’re currently 1-1.)

We’re going to be in this weird weather pattern for at least another few days. On the bright side, our younger son has been enjoying catching the frogs that now occupy our lawn. He tried to hold one captive in a cup on Independence Day, but I convinced him that in the spirit of the holiday he should let the little guy go and live free. At least someone still can.

Anyway, here are the links I haven’t gotten to on this Fourth of July weekend while we battle the weather, cheer on our baseball team, and enjoy the pool and wildlife.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden still has no home, but he may be able to find asylum in Venezuela or Nicaragua, if he can get to either place from Russia. He should watch what he wishes for.

Things in Egypt remain unsettled, to say the least. It got so bad that US Secretary of State John Kerry had to take time out from yachting and kayaking to make a few phone calls. I’m not clear on whether or not Mohamad ElBaredei is going to be named interim president. If he is, George Soros will probably be happy, and maybe President Obama won’t mind as long as the hard-liners in the Muslim Brotherhood are treated with all due respect that he thinks they deserve. I certainly hope he doesn’t approve of this.

Speaking of Obama, he did assure us that he will continue to allow us to worship as we please. For some reason, I’m not finding any comfort from his words. Be sure to read about why his choice of words is quite telling.

The jobs report released on Friday – yeah, the one the White House is boasting about – shed light on an unpleasant milestone: 54 months straight of unemployment above 7.5%. It’s even worse when you consider how many Americans can now only find part time work.

I already told you about how abortion proponents in Texas were chanting “Hail Satan” as pro-life activists sung “Amazing Grace.” Well, there’s a little bit more to the story. Check out the picture at The Other McCain of who the late-term abortion crowd has recruited to spread their evil message.

Okay, that’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. If you’re in one of the areas affected by the fires, I wish more than anything that I could send some of our wet weather your way. Just east of where I live people are really hurting due to flooding. The last thing they need is more thunderstorms.