Oh Look! Another IRS Scandal!


Sheesh! There aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with this stuff. The IRS is embroiled in yet another scandal that you won’t hear much about on your nightly newscast. This one involves spending taxpayer dollars. What a shock, my dear comrades.

Two high-ranking IRS employees were on the road so often in the past two years that they may have traveled more days than they worked, according to a report by Treasury inspectors released Tuesday.

And at least 15 executives traveled to another office — typically Washington — for more than half of their work days, raising questions about whether they should have been assigned to IRS headquarters in the first place, said the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

The inspectors are looking into whether the tax agency may have itself evaded taxes by failing to disclose the benefit of the travel on withholding statements for those employees. Under IRS regulations, travel expenses are taxable if the employee works at a location for more than a year.

Read the whole thing. But hey, nothing to see here! Who knows, maybe there’s a video of a female singer that’s opposed to wearing pants that you could watch instead.