Obamacare News Of The Day, Yes, It’s All Bad News



Obamacare is in the news again, as usual, none of it is good news.

In California, officials are warning of the potential for fraud and identity theft due to a lack of screening for the army of workers the administration is hiring to get people signed up.

As California prepares to launch its health care exchange, consumer groups are worried the uninsured could fall victim to fraud, identity theft or other crimes at the hands of some of the very people who are supposed to help them enroll.

The exchange, known as Covered California, recently adopted rules for a network of more than 21,000 enrollment counselors who will provide consumers with in-person assistance as part of the federal Affordable Care Act. In some cases, they will have access to personal and financial information, from ID cards to medical histories.

But the state insurance commissioner and anti-fraud groups say the exchange is falling short in ensuring that the people hired as counselors are adequately screened and monitored.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones also said the exchange does not have a plan for investigating any complaints that might arise once the counselors start work. That means consumers who might fall prey to bogus health care products, identity theft and other abuses will have a hard time seeking justice if unscrupulous counselors get hold of their Social Security number, bank accounts, health records or other private information, he said.

“We can have a real disaster on our hands,” Jones, a Democrat, said in an interview. (Read More)

Remember who they’re hiring – community organizers and union workers. As if they didn’t see this coming. Ah, but I guess those Democrats sounding the alarm are just being willfully ignorant.

In other news, a former British NHS official is warning Americans about the disastrous consequences of this law if it isn’t repealed.

Keith Farrington says he spent 15 years working as an assistant director of finance for the South East Thames Regional Health Authority, part of the National Health Service. He has strong warnings for the U.S. about ObamaCare.

“The main problem is that the NHS is seen as free on delivery to everybody,” Farrington said. “It is not free. The clinicians have not been trained to think about finance and budgetary control as important. …

Keith Farrington has a “you’ll be sorry” attitude toward America concerning its version of an NHS. He is shocked that we would scuttle one of the best health systems in the world — even with its imperfections, which can be fixed — for one in which government controls a key part, which he predicts will produce results similar to the UK.

Read the whole thing, as there are a number of real-life examples of the deadly failings government controlled health care.

Could the problem be that the progressives who pass these laws are anything but progressive, as in forward-thinking? If anything, Obamacare is regressive, taking us back to the 19th Century.

Simply put, the digitization of social interaction, economic transaction, the political process and everything in between is decentralizing the world, moving it in the opposite direction of the massive centralization of Obamacare. But nobody needs a federal bureaucrat to tell him what health insurance to buy when anybody with an Internet connection can simultaneously solicit bids from thousands of competing providers, pay the winner via electronic fund transfers, manage the claims process with a laptop, consult with physicians and other medical specialists via email, and even be operated on remotely by surgeons on the other side of the globe. Rather than imposing a top-down, command-economy, welfare-state health care model with roots in Otto von Bismarck‘s Germany of 1881, a 21st-century government would ask what is needed to apply to health care to access the Internet’s boundless capacity to empower individual choice. (Read More)

But on the bright side, at lease Obama’s decision to delay the employer mandate will give individuals standing to sue. I guess that’s good news, unless you happen to like this destructive law that even the unions are now fighting.