Obamacare Employer Mandate To Be Delayed Until After Midterm Election


Isn’t this interesting? Just when Democrats were really starting to get nervous about their political fate because of Obamacare, the Obama administration decided to delay the employer mandate that’s already causing workers to have their hours cut. What an odd coincidence that the mandate now won’t be enforced until after the midterm elections.

The White House on Tuesday delayed for one year the new requirement under the Affordable Care Act that businesses provide health insurance to employees, a fresh setback for President Obama’s landmark health-care overhaul as it enters a critical phase.

The provision, commonly known as the employer mandate, calls for businesses with 50 or more workers to provide affordable quality insurance to workers or pay a $2,000 fine per employee. Business groups had objected to the provision, which now will take effect in January 2015.

The decision comes as Obama is working to secure his domestic legacy, urging Congress to pass an overhaul of immigration laws and using his executive powers to combat climate change. With the prospects for immigration reform uncertain in the House — and new environmental regulations still more than a year way — implementation of the 2010 health-care law has assumed even greater importance. (Read More)

Oh, that’s some legacy he’s working to secure. Lord help us.

Senator Ted Cruz responded to this political ploy.

The President knows Obamacare is, in the words of one if its chief architects, a train wreck. Now, apparently fearing being held accountable to voters at the ballot box, the President wants to delay implementation until after the 2014 elections. We should accept the President’s invitation, and indeed defund Obamacare altogether, to restore economic growth and avoid the impending train wreck.

Why doesn’t Congress defund this mess?

Update: The individual mandate hasn’t been delayed.