Obama To Make The Leviathan Smarter? What Could Go Wrong?

Obama campaign workers who will be models for Obama's plan to make government smarter.

Obama campaign workers who will be models for Obama’s plan to make government smarter.

So, today President Obama said he’s going to use Google and his campaign apparatus as models to make the Leviathan known as the federal government smarter. What could possibly go wrong? Or maybe I should ask, what could possibly go right? The government is bloated to the point that no amount of technology will help. If anything it will hurt, as incompetent bureaucrats release the personal information of American citizens for all the world to see. Plus, what is this going to cost? The last time I checked the national debt was around $17 trillion, with trillions more in unfunded liabilities.

IBD addressed this new initiative in an editorial that I’m sure Obama will not appreciate.

Sorry, but it won’t work. No, we’re not against “smarter” government, whatever that might mean. We just don’t think it’s possible to expand government by more than 25% in real terms — as Obama has — and make it work more smartly. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Never mind that this effort looks like a way for Obama to deflect attention from his many failures. Repeated studies show that government becomes fat, inefficient and less-focused as it grows in size. No amount of “smart” management will change that. It’s like betting on a 400-pound man to win the Boston Marathon.

Worse, multiple peer-reviewed studies demonstrate conclusively that when government gets bigger it takes a huge toll on the economy.

Evidence is found in the Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom. In its sifting of global data, the think tank noted a clear “negative relationship between government spending and economic growth.”

Just right-wing propaganda? Hardly. In a separate recent study, the European Union’s central bank — not exactly a bastion of limited government — also found a “negative effect of the size of government on growth.”

Read the whole thing, then read about how the EPA is getting ready to unleash many more regulations on energy producers. Do you think anything Google or some campaign volunteers have done will be able to blunt the negative economic impact of policies like that? I don’t know, maybe they can use Google to direct Americans who are hit in their wallets to left wing blogs telling them how great it is to be poor.