Obama Had Plenty To Say About Trayvon, What About Those Killed By Ft. Hood Shooter?


Recently a jury was selected in the trial of Nidal Hasan who gunned down and murdered 13 and injured another 32 when he went on a rampage at Fort Hood. President Obama and Eric Holder haven’t had much to say about that trial, and the media hasn’t given it a second thought. This act of terror was classified as “workplace violence” by the administration, and they continue to refuse to treat it as an act of terrorism despite the pleas from the victims’ families and the public. Where’s the outrage?

At least the editors at IBD are paying attention, and noting where the priorities of this administration lie.

Army Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford has not received a phone call from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Nor does the African-American veteran who was shot seven times by Maj. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood expect to. He is merely relieved that nearly four years after the massacre at the Army base in Texas, a jury has finally been selected and a trial date has been set. […]

Attorney General Eric Holder has refrained from filing terrorism charges in the case and is currently busy in Florida announcing his intent to find George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman found innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin, guilty of something, anything, to satisfy the racial grievance industry.

“Not only am I disappointed (in Holder), I’m embarrassed. Mr. Holder needs to understand the repercussions of his actions,” Sgt. Lunsford says.

Lunsford also expressed outrage at the fact that some victims are financially struggling, but that because of the categorization of the shooting as a “workplace shooting,” he and those other victims are not entitled to combat-related benefits they would have received had they been injured overseas.

Meanwhile, Hasan has continued to receive paychecks over the past four years, amounting to $287,000.

Thirteen Army officers, ranging in rank from major to colonel, will decide the fate of Maj. Hasan following Tuesday’s jury selection in his long-awaited court-martial. Opening statements are scheduled to begin Aug. 6.

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Speaking of the priorities of this administration, if only Ambassador Chris Stevens had been sporting a hoodie the night he was murdered in cold blood by terrorists in Benghazi. Maybe then we’d get some answers and Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith would get justice.

Also worth reading is Bryan Preston’s piece on stand your ground laws, and how the Democrats undoing those laws will bring about chaos and make law abiding citizens less safe. Oh, and also check out the “checkered past” of Florida state attorney Angela Corey who withheld evidence in an affidavit she signed to bring charges against George Zimmerman and bypass a grand jury. She’s being sued by a former employee who blew the whistle on evidence the prosecution withheld. I’m sure President Obama will find a place for her in his administration in no time.