Nice Rant


One of our readers sent me an email and gave me permission to publish it. I’ll withhold her name because I don’t want her to be subjected to harassment from the haters. Her comments were in response to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

The fact is, if it had truly been a murder trial, that would be different. It was a circus of liberals wanting to make a point, the point being that of racism. Which it wasn’t! I am so damn sick of hearing nothing but racism, racism, racism in this nation. If anything, it’s the blacks who hate whites! My boys are black. I adopted them after fostering them when they were babies. They are picked on by blacks because their parents are white. It’s not the white kids picking on them.

And another thing, since I’m on a rant, I am sick of being called a hater and accused of hate speech because I’m pro-life, pro-Biblical marriage, and pro-thinking that everyone should work or at least TRY to work and not depend on the anti-Christ in the White House to pay for my home, my food, my gas, and everything else.

Well, all I can add is God bless this good woman. Then again, I’m just another cracker.

Update: My fellow cracker Da TechGuy points out that the lynching of George Zimmerman, who is 1/4 black, is terribly reminiscent of the Jim Crow days that we all thought were behind us.

Update 2: Be sure to read the American Spectator piece “Two Males, No Men” for more perspective on this tragedy.