New Obamacare Sales Pitch: Mother Knows Best


The Obama administration is rolling out another creepy Obamacare sales pitch. This one could be called “Mother Knows Best.” So now in addition to Big Brother, we also have Big Mother. Great.

All those groups trying to get the “young, invincible” 20-somethings to sign up for Obamacare health insurance have identified a secret weapon.


Advocacy groups from “Moms Rising” to AARP are working to reach the healthy, young adults who don’t think they need insurance — and their mothers who think they do. The groups plan to use everything from paid advertising — to guilt.

“We’re going for the heartstrings,” said Nicole Duritz, vice president of health and family education and outreach at AARP, which will be stepping up messaging later this summer as the Oct. 1 sign-up date nears.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters the messaging will include “creative ways” to reach out to young, healthy people who “may not get up every morning thinking about health insurance.”

“We know that for instance — and I take this very personally — that moms can be influential with that demographic group,” added Sebelius, who has two young adult sons of her own.(Read More)

I guess this is for areas where the kids aren’t being trained to get their parents to sign on. Now I just heard that the White House is recruiting thousands of librarians to promote this train wreck.