My Note to the RNC Should Be Your Note to the RNC


My wife and I recently received a mailed request from the RNC to renew our financial support. I donated funds during the last campaign cycle hoping it would be put to good use saving America from the clutches of progressives. That hope, of course, was too hopeful and my wife and I were rewarded with more progressivism, remarkably aided by the GOP in partnership with the Democrats. Yes, I should have known better, but I try to be optimistic.

Three or four months ago I got a call from the RNC requesting more money. I was astounded by the anger and scorn I received by the lady on the other end when I asked what the GOP had done to deserve more of my money. She had the gall to tell me the GOP had worked to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and protected the middle class from a tax increase. I confronted her with the fact that the GOP had in fact voted for a tax increase and that the GOP should not separate people into classes like the Democrats do. She then sarcastically berated me with some silly argument about how the “fiscal cliff” would have hurt everybody and that the GOP had done the best it could.

So when I received the latest attempt to take money from me I responded accordingly:




The best part is that the postage was pre-paid. So as the next election season is upon us, I urge you all to avoid funding the RNC and help those who are actually promoting conservatism – which is probably something you are already doing.

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