Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul Could Cost Schools Over $3.2 Billion



School budgets across the United States are being squeezed, and they’re going to get worse. But this time it isn’t about the demands of the teachers unions. It’s about Michelle Obama’s school lunch overhaul that could cost taxpayers a whopping $3.2 billion. All of that so kids can throw most of their lunches away in the trash.

The program involves way too much green – and we’re not talking lettuce and brussel sprouts.

We mean the estimated $3.2 billion schools will have to find to implement the new federal regulations. Many schools are also losing money due the unpopular Obama menu.

“New school lunch regulations mean financial losses for Pittsfield Public Schools,” reported The Berkshire Eagle in Massachusetts.

The school district expects a program operating loss of more than $100,000 due to a required equipment upgrade, as well as fewer lunches and snacks being sold.

Congressman Todd Rokita, a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, noted at a recent hearing, “Because the law requires students to take fruits and vegetables for lunch, even if they have no intention of eating them, schools are struggling with increased waste. After implementing the new standards a year early, one Florida school district estimated students threw out $75,000 worth of food.” (Read More)

Oh well, it’s for the children, right?

h/t Bad Blue