Maybe Traditional Isn’t So Bad After All


While blogging I had HGTV on and it was another episode of House Hunters. This time it was a hip young couple looking for a home in the pricey Silicon Valley area of California. The husband works for Google and the wife is a real estate agent. They marveled at how their parents paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $35K for a home, while they were looking at houses in the $2 million range.

I just thought it was funny because they were looking for a “modern” home, but the one they looked at didn’t come close to meeting their needs. In the end they went with a “traditional” home because it had everything they needed for their growing family. Of course, they said in the future they’ll change it to suit their modern tastes. I’m sure they’ll leave the “bones” of it intact.

Now if only we can convince young couples to choose traditional values to go along with those traditional homes that work so well for modern families.