Judicial Watch Discovered Even More Wasteful GSA Videos


GSA run

Through Freedom of Information Act requests Judicial Watch has discovered even more wasteful GSA videos. Here’s one of them. I starts off with Ben Kochanski, Deputy Regional Commissioner, GSA Public Buildings Service, blathering about something. Then about 4 minutes or so into the video he and a bunch of GSA employees start running through the building, and then through the streets of New York “Rocky” style. Kochanski earns over $140,000 per year. Nice to see him working so hard for the money.

This isn’t the only video. The AP reported:

In videos such as “The Leasefather” – a send-up of “The Godfather” – costumed GSA employees promote agency initiatives, talk about government practices and try to motivate workers. Two GSA employees parody a famous scene from the movie with an employee begging for mercy from another.

In a statement Tuesday, GSA spokesman Dan Cruz said the agency’s new administrator already had referred the videos to the GSA’s inspector general for further review.

“This is another example of past GSA practices and an already recognized pattern of misjudgment spanning many years and administrations,” Cruz said. “These videos were made and shown in 2011 in a regional office, prior to new leadership arriving at GSA. Under the new leadership at GSA, these types of events are not tolerated and must be submitted for review to senior leadership.”

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said the videos were “extravagant and embarrassing.” (Read More)

This is embarrassing, and abusive to the hard working taxpayers.