House GOP Leadership Reaching Out To Dems On Immigration Reform


Just the title of this Politico article gives me heartburn.

GOP reaching out to Dems on immigration

The House Republican leadership is reaching out to top House Democrats to assess their support for a piecemeal approach to immigration reform, according to sources involved in the discussions.

The House’s immigration gameplan is to pass individual bills rather than take the comprehensive approach advocated by the Senate. Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) team isn’t trying to cut a deal with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), these aides caution. But deeply-divided Republicans want to get a read on what members of the minority party would back when immigration reform comes to the floor.

The legislation under discussion between Republicans and Democrats includes bills reworking the employment verification system and legislation to toughen border security, according to sources both involved in and familiar with the talks. In strategy sessions and planning meetings, Republicans have said that support for immigration reform is soft among GOP lawmakers — and leadership is skeptical that there is backing for anything more drastic than border security and E-verify.

Moving legislation before the August recess is now almost completely out of the question — lawmakers are going to have to spend the month at home, with immigration lingering. (Read More)

Let’s hope immigration lingers until after the next presidential election. They could just enforce the laws already on the books. Why do they need another law? Just look at the 1000+ page mess that passed in the Senate. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal summed it up quite well.

That’s how you end up with another thousand-page bill full of pork, regulations, and new powers for bureaucrats to manage the economy. This isn’t a solution any more than the last thousand-plus-page bill that President Obama forced on the nation was. Obamacare is already collapsing under its own weight, with delays and broken promises — yet the Gang of Eight is employing the same approach on immigration.

The Gang of Eight bill includes some bacon for Majority Leader Harry Reid in the form of taxpayer-funded travel promotion for Las Vegas and declaring Nevada to be a border state; some sausage for Hollywood in the form of free visa applications for aliens with extraordinary ability in the arts; and some ribs for avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in a $1.5 billion “jobs for youth” scheme, which is another Obama-style stimulus program. (Read More)

Anything good the House might happen to pass will be gutted in committee and we’ll end up with something more along the lines of what Jindal described above. Oh, but according to Jonathan Chait we conservatives just hate the legislative process because we’re neanderthals or something. It couldn’t have anything to do with the rotten legislation the process produces, now could it?

Oh, and here is some irony. George W. Bush came out of hiding to push for immigration reform at a naturalization ceremony for new citizens. You know, the immigrants who did things the right way. He didn’t specify exactly what reforms he’d like to see, but we can guess his motives by what he tried to pass when he was president. I wonder if the irony was lost on him.