High Speed Chase On Route 81 In Upstate New York Ends In Crash


On our way home from our son’s baseball game in Homer, NY we had to pull over on Route 81 because police were chasing a pickup truck traveling at high speeds. I posted this on Twitter at 9:09 PM.

Here’s a blurry photo I snapped with my phone right after they went by. It’s really blurry since they were going so fast.

At least four police cars were involved at the time, one of them didn’t use lights or sirens, which we thought was kind of dangerous.

The chase ended in Adams Center, which is about 70 miles from where they passed us, at 9:47 PM, which gives you an idea of how fast they were going. It ended when the truck skidded off the highway and crashed. According to YNN, the truck was stolen, and the chase began when police tried to pull it over.

Here’s a picture from Newzjunky, who reports that by the time it ended there were more than a dozen police cars involved, and several different agencies.

I’m just glad nobody got hurt, including my family.