Gun Maker Packing Up And Leaving New York Thanks To SAFE Act


Some New York workers are no longer safe in their jobs thanks to the SAFE Act that was rammed through the state legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo before anyone could say “Second Amendment.” Kahr Arms, a gun manufacturer based in Rockland County, announced that it’s packing up and moving to Pennsylvania.

The trouble, at least for New York state: The gun manufacturer, currently based in Rockland County, is expanding across the border in Pennsylvania, and in the process will be moving its headquarters out of the Empire State. The reason, according to a corporate official, can be found in the swift passage last January of Gov.Andrew Cuomo‘s SAFE gun control law.

It wasn’t so much that the measure bans certain kinds of guns and magazines, the company said. Instead, it was the suddenness with which the law was passed — less than 24 hours after being released to the public — leaving Kahr’s executives to wonder what kind of unforeseen regulations or restrictions might lie ahead.

“One of our big concerns was, OK, the SAFE Act was passed in the middle of the night. You wake up the next morning and boom, that was it,” said Frank Harris, Kahr’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We just felt like, gee, if they can do this, what can they do next?

“It’s not just the SAFE Act, but the uncertainty.” Harris said.

Kahr only employs about a dozen people in its New York headquarters. But shifting its planned expansion, which could add between 80 and 100 jobs, appears to be a blow to Cuomo’s push to bring more jobs to the state.

It also does between $75 million and $100 million in sales, before the planned expansion. So now all of that economic activity can benefit Pennsylvania instead of New York. Thanks, Cuomo. So much for being “open for business.”

Via Mental Recession and Gateway Pundit, who also has video of a fantastic speech against the SAFE Act by an Iraq War vet.

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