Good News! Janet Napolitano Stepping Down, Well, Kind Of Good News


Janet Napolitano

The good news today is that Janet Napolitano is quitting her Homeland Security job. The bad news is that President Obama will just nominate another radical to fill the post with a rubber stamp from the Senate.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has led the embattled agency for the entirety of President Obama’s administration, said Friday she is resigning to run the University of California system.

Ms. Napolitano, who had been governor of Arizona before being tapped to lead the agency, leaves with a trail of successes, but also has become a lightning rod in the immigration debate which is now raging on Capitol Hill.

“After four plus years of focusing on these challenges, I will be nominated as the next president of the University of California to play a role in educating our nation’s next generation of leaders,” she said in a statement.

Oh great, as if the next generation of leaders isn’t challenged enough.