FEMA Wasting Millions On Trailers Nobody Wants



As you are probably aware, after devastating storms and natural disasters FEMA often provides victims with trailers to be used as temporary housing until their homes can be rebuilt. They have been using what they call “park models” which are fairly small, easy to transport, and can often be placed on the property of disaster victims. So of course they’ve phased those out in favor of much larger trailers that have to be placed in what are basically mobile home parks far from work and home of those who need them.

CNS News has the scoop on this costly boondoggle.

Another advantage is that the smaller park models cost taxpayers about $24,000 each, half the amount FEMA is spending on 64-foot long, 14-feet wide manufactured housing units the agency is now using exclusively to house disaster victims.

The larger trailers often must be located in inconvenient commercial or FEMA-developed sites that, due to zoning regulations, are located far from where they are needed.

According to the IG’s report, “the Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated that the cost of placing units at group sites (including site improvements) ranged from $69,000 to exceeding $220,000 per unit. In contrast, GAO reported that the cost of placing a unit at a private site was about $30,000.”

The much higher cost is not the only problem. The IG report points out that it also takes longer to get the larger trailers to the scene of man-made or natural disasters. “Unless FEMA takes actions to ensure that it maintains the ability to use temporary housing units similar in size to the park model, this decision will increase program costs by tens of millions of dollars annually, and may hinder FEMA’s ability to provide shelter to disaster survivors quickly,” the IG noted. (Read More)

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