Feds Regulate Magician’s Bunny


magician bunny

Good grief, even a one man magic act is subject to intense federal regulation because he uses a bunny rabbit in his show.

This summer, Marty the Magician got a letter from the U.S. government. It began with six ominous words: “Dear Members of Our Regulated Community . . .”

Washington had questions about his rabbit. Again.

Marty Hahne, 54, does magic shows for kids in southern Missouri. For his big finale, he pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Or out of a picnic basket. Or out of a tiny library, if he’s doing his routine about reading being magical.

To do that, Hahne has an official U.S. government license. Not for the magic. For the rabbit.

The Agriculture Department requires it, citing a decades-old law that was intended to regulate zoos and circuses. Today, the USDA also uses it to regulate much smaller “animal exhibitors,” even the humble one-bunny magician.

That was what the letter was about. The government had a new rule. To keep his rabbit license, Hahne needed to write a rabbit disaster plan. (Read More)

Yes, you read that right, he needs a disaster plan for his rabbit. Can they get any more absurd?

Now that the feds have been called out on this they promise to review the regulation and start applying common sense. We’ll have to wait and see if that ever happens. I think I have a better chance of pulling a rabbit out of my hat.