EPA Spends Millions To Kill Jobs


Regular readers have seen my coverage of the Pebble Mine project and how the EPA is doing everything in its power to destroy the jobs it would create, not to mention leaving the natural resources our current lifestyles depend on in the ground. Well, now we know how much the EPA is spending on its job-killing quest – millions, of our tax dollars. I think they should change their name to the Job Creation Protection Agency. It would be much more appropriate.

The Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions assessing an Alaska mine that may be vetoed before any actual plans have been put forward or the permit process has begun.

In a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Ken Kopocis, President Obama’s nominee for assistant administrator for the EPA’s water office, said that the agency had spent $2.4 million in external costs on the controversial draft watershed assessment of the Pebble Mine.

This estimate does not include any internal agency costs.

“Mr. Kopocis, so on the issue of Pebble Mine, we’re also very very troubled by this preemptive watershed assessment which is completely unnecessary, not mandated by the law. How much money has EPA spent to date on this preemptive watershed assessment?” Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter asked in the hearing.

“Senator, my understanding is that the agency through earlier this year has spent approximately $2.4 million in external costs. I do not know of an estimate of internal cost to the agency,” Kopocis replied. (Read More)

President Obama is out on his umpteenth economic tour of the US, while his bureaucrats are working overtime to kill jobs. The irony is way too rich for my blood. But then again, Dear Comrades, he does have a special message for us.