Dreamers, Living The Dream


As usual, prominent Republicans are falling into the trap set by the Democrats on immigration.

Speaker John Boehner:

“This is about basic fairness,” Boehner said one week after convening a two-hour meeting to discuss immigration with his conference.

“These children were brought here of no accord of their own, and frankly they’re in a very difficult position,” he said. “And I think many of our members believe that this issue needs to be addressed.”

Um, what about the kids born here to American parents with huge student loan bills who can’t find jobs? They were born here, of no accord of their own, btw.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor:

“[T]he history of our country is one that moved away from holding kids liable for the deeds, misdeeds, commitment of crime by parents,” Cantor said, during a GOP press conference on Capitol Hill.  “And these, in many instances, are kids without a country if we don’t allow them to become full citizens of our country.”

“It is not only an issue of fairness, as the Speaker said, it’s an issue of decency, of compassion,” he said. “Where else would these kids go?”

I suppose it’s cruel to say that they should go back with their parents to wherever they came from and get in line behind all of the legal immigrants, who did everything right.

Former Vice Presidential candidate and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

‘‘Paul Ryan says we cannot have a permanent underclass of Americans, that there needs to be a pathway to citizenship,’’ says Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who has been working relentlessly on immigration legislation. ‘‘He is my guiding light. I know I get him in trouble every time I say it.’’

Whatever you do, don’t talk to the guys who deal with illegal immigrants and their saintly children day in and day out.

Crane went on to explain how President Obama’s de facto repeal of immigration enforcement has led to serious and dangerous criminals being set free. “What the Obama Administration has ICE agents now doing is we now go into jails and prisons looking for illegal aliens inside of those facilities who have committed and been convicted of crimes. So we apply the Dream Act not to kids, in schools, but to adult inmates and have to ask them basically ‘Do you qualify for President Obama’s Dream Act?’ When they tell us ‘Yes we qualify’ we can’t even require them to give us any kind of proof, a transcript, or anything like that. We can’t detain them for investigation to substantiate the claims, we simply have to release them to the street. They walk out the back door of the jail as ‘Dreamers.’ There is nothing we can do about that.

Crane then related a story of a man who was detained for assaulting a family member, injured two ICE officers during his arrest and, despite the serious nature of his crime, was released because ICE managers informed the arresting officers that ‘He’s an Obama Dreamer, release him.’ Crane went on to explain “No investigation, no criminal charges, no consideration of the public safety threat. He’s an Obama Dreamer, let him go, and that’s a scary situation.”

Read the whole thing, then follow the links. Are we compassionate, or are we suicidal?

And the RNC wonders why they’re having trouble raising money.

Not to mention that every “Dreamer” they compassionately want to give amnesty to will eventually vote for Democrats. The more I hear these Republicans talk, the more I think it’s time to switch to the Conservative Party.  The only reason I’ve hung on is to vote in primaries. I certainly didn’t do it to be subjected to the never-ending phone calls begging for cash.

Why do these prominent Republicans want to kill their own party? Have they lost their minds?


Update: As a side note, how many of the Dreamers will be part of the “New School” as opposed to the old school?