Democrat Civility


I’m sick of Anthony Weiner. Isn’t it funny how New York City is on its way to becoming the next Detroit, and all anyone wants to talk about is pervy Weiner and his sexting escapades? Anyway, he’s in the news again, or his campaign is. An intern quit and then started blabbing. Weiner’s communications manager didn’t take it well, not well at all. Yikes!

Later, during an interview with Talking Points Memo about Weiner’s fundraising,  his spokeswoman Barbara Morgan went off on an expletive-laden rant about Nuzzi, dropping multiple f-bombs as well as a couple of crude synonyms for “vagina” and a coinage, “slutbag.”

This is the communications director of the campaign, OK?

We can stipulate that Barbara Morgan has a point: Olivia Nuzzi signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), commonly require in all political campaign work. Violating an NDA in this manner — quitting or getting fired from a campaign and then badmouthing the campaign — is career suicide in politics. Olivia Nuzzi has forever branded herself as a selfish untrustworthy backstabber.

In other words, a typical liberal woman.

Having said that, however, when bad things start happening — and nothing good has happened to Anthony Weiner’s campaign lately — the last thing a campaign spokesman wants to do is to pour kerosene on the raging bonfire of bad news.

Read the whole thing. Watching these libs is like watching some kind of weird, X-rated soap opera.