Democrat Announces Senate Candidacy By Highlighting Her Youth And Inexperience


Alison Grimes

Kentucky Secretary of State Allison Grimes announced her candidacy for the US Senate today by highlighting her youth and inexperience. As a Democrat, she also made sure she mentioned her gender a few times.

Being elected and serving as Secretary of State, our only female constitutional officer, the youngest secretary of state across the nation that’s a female, has been a privilege. I was honored to be handed that torch a year and a half ago overwhelmingly by the voters of Kentucky and each day I try to use that torch to help light the way towards our brightest future. I could never have anticipated that a year and a half later that we would be discussing a US Senate race as the next step in carrying that torch.

Here’s the video, via Wave 3 News. Grimes had a lot to say about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell but what she didn’t mention was President Obama’s war on coal. I doubt that’s going to go over too well with Kentucky voters. News, Weather