DC ‘March For Jobs’ To Stop Immigration Reform Is Monday July 15th


DC March for Jobs

Monday July 15th is the DC “March for Jobs” to stop immigration reform. It begins at 9:30 AM at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. The event will feature plenty of conservative speakers like Col. Allen West, Senator Ted Cruz, Kevin Jackson and many more. One thing you may find surprising is that a cosponsor of the event is the group Progressives for Immigration Reform.

PIR is a progressive group that is opposed to mass immigration and has been sounding the alarm about what the Gang of 8 bill will do to American workers. Leah Durant, the founder of the Black American Leadership Alliance and a spokeswoman for PIR, has been out there making the case for how this will be seriously detrimental to black American workers, whose unemployment rate far exceeds the national rate. But of the course, the Congressional Black Caucus has ignored her pleas. Here’s a recent clip of Durant with Bill O’Reilly.

Oh well, at least the RINOs and Democrats in Congress have done one thing positive, they’ve managed to bring together conservatives and progressives in opposition to another seriously flawed bill. If you’re in DC on Monday try to get out to Freedom Plaza to join the march to stop this train wreck.

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