DC Government Doesn’t Pay The Wage Rate Imposed On Wal-Mart


Washington, DC’s city council must have some understanding of market forces and wage rates. Otherwise, how do you explain this?

Last week, the Council approved a measure that would require Walmart and other large retailers doing business in the District to pay a “living wage” of $12.50 per hour.

But… uh oh. Hypocrisy alert.

District government pays less than $12.50 per hour.

According to the D.C. Department of Human Resources, some full-time school maintenance workers and custodians make $11.75 per hour. The rate for a clerk at the University of the District of Columbia is $10.40.

Council members went to great lengths to criticize Walmart’s pay scale. They should have taken care of their own business first. (Read More)

Typical “do as we say, not as we do” liberals.