Boehner Creating Angst Among Conservatives On Immigration Reform


If you’re feeling slightly anxious wondering what Speaker of the House John Boehner is going to do on immigration reform, you aren’t alone. He’s causing widespread angst among conservatives, and his refusal to share his position on a pathway to citizenship surely doesn’t help matters. Grab your bottle of Tums and buckle up, we could be in for a wild, crazy, and perhaps slightly unpleasant ride.

For conservative lawmakers, that does not assuage fears that he and his deputies House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Whip Kevin McCarthy, and Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan could be working behind the scenes cut a deal with Reid and President Barack Obama to achieve amnesty for illegal immigrants in America.

“We are scared to death of what we figure is already Boehner’s end game,” a senior congressional GOP aide told Breitbart News. “There are so many forces within the GOP establishment pushing for their interests that it’s hard to conceive that Boehner will not cave to them.”

Boehner could “conference” any bill or group of bills the House passes related to immigration with the Senate’s controversial immigration bill. In conference, representatives for House GOP leadership would negotiate with Senate Democratic leadership, and potentially the White House, on what they would call a “compromise” on immigration reform.

Conservatives do not trust Boehner and his team to stand up to Senate Democrats in conference, so they are advocating the House refuse to pass any legislation for fear it could be molded into a “compromise” that looks just like or is identical language to the Senate bill.

Read the whole thing. (Be prepared for an auto-play video, which I loathe. Sorry, if I had my way there would be no such thing as auto-play.) I’d like to see nothing passed, with the exception of maybe something along the lines of “The federal government must enforce existing immigration laws and any government employee that does not enforce those laws will be subject to dismissal and/or prosecution.” I know, wishful thinking.

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