As The Dems Turn – Democrat Sex Scandals Written Off As Soap Operas By DSCC


When a Republican man is caught sending a topless picture of himself to a woman, he’s run out of town on a rail. When a Democrat man is caught sending dick pics (pardon my French) to numerous women, the scandal is ignored until it can’t be ignored anymore. Then when Republicans bring up the sleazy doings of the Democrat politicians and their mentors they’re accused of turning the Democrats’ war on women into a soap opera. I couldn’t make this crap up if I was a writer for a soap opera, but then again, I’m not a sleazy Democrat.

“At this moment, Bill Clinton is the Democrats’ surrogate-in-chief, whom endangered Democrats in the South and other areas where Barack Obama can’t go (without doing damage) are counting on,” a Republican helping craft strategy to retake the Senate told Yahoo News. “He’ll be counted on to raise millions for those candidates and to woo center-left voters who tuned out Barack Obama a long time ago.”

For their part Democrats freely describe Weiner as a heel — just not as an Achilles Heel.

“It’s wholly ridiculous,” Matt Canter, deputy executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told Yahoo News of the latest GOP efforts to target Bill Clinton.

“This proves that Republicans have learned nothing from their past mistakes. The agenda that they are pursuing that is harmful for women has consequences for women’s everyday lives — on equal pay, on child care, on access to contraception and other issues,” Canter said. “That’s what the ‘war on women’ is about, not cable soap operas.”

So, powerful Democrats routinely take advantage of young women who have been schooled by progressive minions. When they get caught (not by traditional media, by the way) they turn their transgressions around onto those who dare mention those transgressions. (That’s called “projecting” in case you were wondering. They do that all the time.)

The saddest part is that so many voters just fall in line and say “Well, who am I to judge what they do in their personal lives?” Well, hello! If someone is a complete sleaze in his personal life, why would you think he’s going to be honest and trustworthy as a public official? And why are the wives who put up with this deception put on a pedestal for little girls to admire? Is “stand by your man no matter how horribly humiliates you in public” a message we want to send to America’s little girls? For that matter, is that a message we want to send to little boys?

Geez. What next?

Oh, and hey, here’s a message for the Republicans – stop, stop immediately, having anything to do with these perverted Democrats. They’re all creeps. Do not do business with them anymore. Don’t join their gangs. Don’t cross the aisle. Don’t sign onto their legislation. Just stop. Knock it off. They are not your friends. Differentiate yourselves from them, and not just on their strange sexual compulsions, but on their rotten policies that kill families and encourage dependency.

Why would people vote Republican if the only difference between parties is that you aren’t as perverted and creepy as the other guys? Sure, maybe you’ll pick up a seat here and there, but until you can lay out the reasons why conservative policies trump progressive policies, you’re going to be stuck playing secondary characters in the Democrats’ never ending soap opera.

Update: I almost forgot to mention how an aide to Anthony Weiner, AKA Carlos Danger,  went off on one of Weiner’s willing victims. If this is how they treat their own, how do you think they’re going to treat you?