About Those Russian Troops Requested By DHS


In follow up to the story about the 15,000 Russian troops requested by DHS, there is more to the story. And possibly less. Stacey looked into it, and while there are a number of unanswered questions, which is the norm with the Obama administration, at least part of the story is questionable.

Wherever the tale of Janet Napolitano and the 15,000 Russian soldiers originated, it soon started circulating around the Internet and by July 1 showed up at Alex Jones’ InfoWars site with the headline, “Russian Forces to Provide ‘Security’ At US Events.” That article didn’t mention the 15,000 number, but it apparently caused enough of a stir that FEMA actually was forced to deny it:

The top US emergency response agency moved to quell a flurry of Internet-driven speculation this week that Russian security teams could be deployed at large public events in the United States, saying the two countries will not swap security guards or soldiers under a long-running partnership agreement.
There will be “no exchange of security or military personnel” under a recently renewed partnership between the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry, a FEMA spokesman told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.
“The agreement continues information-sharing meetings and observation opportunities with first responders and emergency managers,” the spokesman said.

OK, so now you have an official FEMA denial, which might soothe your fears if (a) FEMA would publish the “protocols” they signed with their Russian counterparts, and (b) it weren’t for the fact that this administration constantly lies about everything.

Read the whole thing. I tend to never trust anything I read at Infowars, unless there are other news outlets corroborating their stories. There’s enough to worry about with the Obama administration that we don’t need all of the paranoid fear-mongering.