334,000 Initial Jobless Claims



For a change jobless claims unexpectedly fell to 334,000. In this economy that’s considered good news. But even still, it’s not all good news.

So Taper back on right? Not so fast. The pre-spun narrative is that July data is very “liquid” with car makers and factories either laying off (or not) workers more (or less) compared to historical seasonal patters. Indeed, the unadjusted claims number rose from 383K to 409K signifying that the only improvement was in the eye of the X-12-ARIMA seasonal adjustment bemodeler. And furthering the No-Taper cause were continuing claims which soared to 3.114 million, up 91K from the prior week, the largest 1 week jump since November, and up from the 2.953 million two weeks ago: the biggest 2 week jump since February 2009. (Read More)

Ah well, have a happy Thursday anyway.