With Mike Rowe What’s Not To Like?


Mike Rowe

If I had a daughter I would tell her to find a man like Mike Rowe. What’s not to like about the guy? He’s wicked hot, and he works hard. He knows how to fix things. He’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Not to mention that he’s a smart business man. (Yeah, they don’t all wear suits.) Oh, and did I mention that he’s wicked hot?

But I don’t have a daughter. I have boys. Two of them. My advice to them is to be like their dad, who has a lot in common with Mike Rowe. But their dad’s not famous, so, hey, I’ll go with the famous guy if that will make a difference.

And so let us take a lesson as to why every young man should be aiming to be like Mike Rowe.

First, Mike Rowe is not a “cutie” or a “pretty boy Floyd.”

He is a man.  He has changed his own oil, done pretty much every other disgusting real-man-imaginable job via his TV show, probably has rebuilt an engine or two in his life, owns Stanley Tools, and is a guy who can get shit done.  George Clooney, pretty as he may be, only has experience in being…well…George Clooney and Rose Mary Clooney’s nepotist.  Mike Rowe is a normal guy, who soared through the ranks of real life under his own steam, and is definitely the guy you want on your team in a post-apocalyptic world.  His face shows this and women see it. (Read More)

If only we had more Mike Rowe’s in the world. But it takes more than good looks and a sharp personality.

Last week I ran an ad because Mr. LC wants to hire someone else to work for his home remodeling business. Although the ad said he was looking for someone with 8-10 years experience in home remodeling with basic tools and was proficient in tile work, framing, roofing, carpentry, etc.,  we received two resumes that made us laugh out loud. One was from someone with plenty of marketing experience, and the other was from someone who is a project manager. I guess we’ll pay the extra fifty bucks to put the ad in the print edition.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. LC doesn’t think Mike Rowe would be qualified for this job. But hopefully Rowe’s influence might rub off on someone who is. John Ratzenberger (of Cheers fame) is on board with training kids in this field, and so is Mike Rowe, by the way.