White House Had Secret Meeting With Muslim Cleric Who Supports Terrorists



President Obama has warned us in the past about those shadowy conservative groups that are a danger to our democracy, but he has no problems with a Muslim cleric who supports terrorists having a secret meeting in the White House.

IBD has the details:

In a new low for an administration that courts U.S. enemies, the White House has met secretly with the deputy of a Muslim cleric who has called for the killing of U.S. troops.

On June 13, of all things the National Security Council hosted Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah for a West Wing chat, where the radical Islamist asked for more support for Hamas and Syrian “rebels,” i.e. al-Qaida terrorists.

President Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world, Rashad Hussain, and senior NSC aide Gayle Smith reportedly asked for the meeting as a learning session.

Well, here’s what the administration apparently didn’t learn — or did find out and still didn’t care — when it vetted the sheik:

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