Video: Clueless College Students


Ignorant College Students

Sorry for dumping this on you during the first official weekend of summer, but, well, it’s out there, and it’s a concern. This is what our education system is producing – a bunch of college kids who are clueless about the goings on in their government, but tuned into the latest celebrity gossip. MRC’s Dan Joseph went out there and documented it. There are a couple of bright spots, but far too few.

Just as a side note, how many of you regulars knew Kim Kardashian had her baby? I may have heard it, but I didn’t really give it a second thought. I doubt I would have come up with her name if asked what celebrity just had a baby.
Unfortunately, you and I aren’t the norm. A great many of our fellow Americans seem to prefer to live vicariously through the fantasy land created by Hollywood and the progressives. While I understand the temptation, I also understand that tyranny takes hold when good people aren’t paying attention. The tyrants also understand this, probably even more than we do.