The Worst RINO Ever – Joanie Mahoney


Remember the name Joanie Mahoney. She’s the Onondaga County (NY) Executive who has spent her time in office cozying up to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. They’re both Democrats, but she doesn’t mind. They’re all best buddies, at least when Miner isn’t slamming the governor. Funny, isn’t it, how the Democrat mayor will take on the Democrat Governor but the Republican County Executive routinely kisses his rear end?

The County Executive thinks so little of her party that she refuses to endorse candidates in her own town. She only grudgingly endorsed her party’s candidate in the last congressional election. It’s almost as if she would prefer to call herself a Democrat, especially when you hear the latest news.

Pay raises are a thing of the past at Syracuse City Hall, where Mayor Stephanie Miner is fighting a fiscal crisis. Her budget this year assumes that nobody, union or management, will get a pay bump.

But four city planners whose jobs have been transferred to a newly consolidated city-county planning operation will get pay increases of from $6,000 to $17,000 for doing the same work they do now.

A fifth employee, city planning director Andrew Maxwell, will get a pay increase of $35,600 when he takes over July 1 as head of the Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency.

As a result of those pay hikes, the consolidated agency will be roughly $80,000-a-year more expensive to run than were the separate city and county agencies. City taxpayers will pick up the extra cost.

Read the whole thing. This is how these progressives-disguised-as-republicans work. They make the taxpayers pay more so they can implement their agenda. The only difference between them and the Democrats is the R after their names.

As a side note, a friend of mine once worked in the Mahoney administration and quit because she said Mahoney was hostile to women. Is it any surprise considering who she aligns herself with?

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