The Gang of Eight Fools



The gang of eight are fools and the Republicans who joined that gang are double fools, especially Marco Rubio. I really liked Marco. I thought he was a level headed conservative. Somehow he was convinced that a “bi-partisan” group with radical leftists involved would not devolve into a purely political stunt which would be used as a weapon against conservatives during the next election cycle. The leftists WANT this legislation to fail so they can use it as a campaign slogan. I thought Marco would be the kind of conservative who would know better and call out the leftists on their radicalism. I thought he would group together with like-minded conservatives to do what needs to be done rather than trying to just look like he can get along.

We all realize there needs to be an end to the problem, but a solution isn’t one that just repeats the mistakes made in 1986. My ideas build a bit on what Rand Paul has talked about. It really can be simple and fair and strict.

THE Andy H. guide to reform:

  1. NO enactment of any pathway process for illegal aliens until the border is secured by an objective verifiable process that includes border state government approval.
  2. Once the border is secured and all border states approve of the objective process report that it is secured the congress must vote by a ¾ yea vote that the border is secure.
  3. Once the ¾ yea vote is made, pathway legislation can be debated.
  4. Pathway legislation should include the following
    1. ALL illegal aliens must make themselves known to authorities within 6 months of legislation passage. If they do not, they will be deported once discovered.
    2. Any work age illegal alien on public assistance must have gainful employment within 6 months of identification.
    3. NO illegal alien who crossed the border illegally as an adult (18 or over) will ever be allowed full citizen status but can be granted permanent resident status on a case by case basis.
    4. Illegal aliens who crossed the border as a minor may be allowed full citizen status through normal application procedures after a 5 year wait. If they are approved as citizens they will not be able to vote until 2 Presidential election cycles have passed.

Any solution must avoid putting the onus on America and it’s citizens and instead put the onus of it on the illegal alien, otherwise we are just rewarding law breaking.

What we all can be sure of is that no meaningful legislation will be passed now or in the near future and that the Democrats and the RINO’s will hammer us as racist nativists just like always.