The Evolution Of The Radical Environmentalists


There’s a good piece in Front Page Magazine about the radical environmental movement. A (scant) few of them have issued mea culpas for ignoring the science while they were pushing their agenda. You see, in the past few decades most or all of the true environmentalists goals have been met. But that wasn’t enough for them. So recently they’ve been on the attack against genetically modified crops and natural gas, to name just a couple of their latest crusades. Do you ever wonder why they have “abandoned science and logic altogether” as one of them put it? Could it be that it was never about the environment at all?

Moore gets to the heart of the matter, explaining that while the 1980s ushered in the age of radical environmentalism, the issues for which he and his organization had fought have been largely accomplished. Thus, in order for his cohorts to remain employed, Moore admits they had to adopt increasingly extreme positions he categorizes as “anti: anti-human, anti-science, anti-technology, anti-trade and globalization, anti-business and capitalism, and ultimately, anti-civilization.”

Real Clear Energy reporter Marita Noon encapsulates the end result: “Moore’s view helps understand how the environmental movement has gone from trying to save the planet to killing the US economy.”

Read the whole thing, as it’s a good primer on the history of this misguided movement (at least in the case of its followers) and how in the past decade or so they’ve gotten everything wrong. Unfortunately, while a a few have recognized the error in their ways, it’s a little too little and too late, as their path of destruction moves on.

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