Obama’s Creepy, Spying Campaign Organization Lives On



In case you missed it over the weekend, The New York Times had a big piece about the Obama campaign’s creepy spy organization that pretty much knew everything about every one of you. Apparently the Romney campaign had the opportunity to be just as creepy and declined. That’s what we’ve come to, the biggest creeps win.

I first heard about it at Marezilla:

A friend emailed the link to me with these observations:

It was not the lack of “Hispanic” votes for Romney. It was not even Mitt not getting his base out, because of his lack of aggressiveness in campaigning, and the Alinskyite attacks on him. Those were factors.But, the main factor was a high-tech campaign never seen before, utilizing the knowledge and databases of Barry’s commercial cyber spy supporters. That is what enabled a failed president to get out the vote from the no information voters in unprecedented high percentages.

And what occurs to me is that the monitoring of Americans’ meta-data, which resulted in no verifiable security advantages, filtered over into a high-tech campaign, which enabled a second disastrous term for Barry.

I didn’t really want to wade through all of it, until I happend to skim something towards the end which is absolutely chilling:

He said his work at A.M.G. would also help provide the Democratic Party with even better tools three years from now, when he and his colleagues say they want to be involved in 2016. “We’re going to bring it home,” McLean said.

Flash back to 2008:

But even before the president took office, as the economy was in meltdown, his strategists, looking ahead four years, assumed that his re-election would not be easy. Wagner was assigned to the Democratic National Committee headquarters, where he set out to develop a far more sophisticated version of his analytics system, using bigger computer servers, better data on the nation’s voting-age population and more precise algorithms.

Flash forward to October, 2012:

A couple of weeks before Election Day, over drinks at the Pump Room in Chicago’s Gold Coast, a safe distance away from the re-election headquarters and its press minders, Grisolano and Erik Smith first let on that there was far more happening in the Chicago campaign office than any of us covering it truly understood. Grisolano told me that the campaign literally knew every single wavering voter in the country that it needed to persuade to vote for Obama, by name, address, race, sex and income. What’s more, he hinted, the campaign had figured out how to get its television advertisements in front of them with a previously inconceivable level of knowledge and accuracy.

Read the whole thing. These folks have no plans on sitting out the next election. Brave new world and all, the creeps rule the day. It kind of makes you wonder why Obama ramped up the NSA spying operation he once decried. Maybe it has nothing to do with law enforcement or national security, and everything to do with winning elections. At this point nothing would surprise me.

And to think they distracted us all with those goofy beach balls and kegs.