Obamacare Taxes And Fees On Insurers To Be Passed Along to Consumers



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My husband and I pay for our family’s health insurance through his business. Our insurer informed us today that the Obamacare taxes and fees on insurers are likely to be passed along to us through higher premiums. What a shock.

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Health Care Reform includes a number of taxes and fees for insurers that will be used to fund programs that help provide individuals with access to affordable, quality health care. Although many of these taxes won’t require action from employers or members, health insurance premiums may be increased to account for the fees.

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Here is the list of fees and taxes.

  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Fee
  • Reinsurance Contribution
  • Risk Adjustment User Fee
  • Health Insurance Provider Fee
  • Exchange User Fee
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Then there is this bit of advice:

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Consult your legal and financial counsel for further information and advice.

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Oh, happy day.

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