Obama World: Do As He Says Or Have The Rules Changed



Now that Barack Obama has ascended to the presidency, he wants the rules changed in the Senate, despite his earlier objections. Well, at least as long as the minority party doesn’t do as he tells them. Otherwise, he’ll unleash his attack dog Harry Reid to do his dirty work.

President Obama supports many things he opposed as Senator Obama—such as unlimited terrorist detention—but for flip-flopping with a high degree of artistic difficulty nothing beats his judicial filibuster ultimatum on Tuesday. If Republicans don’t confirm his three, yes, three, new nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, he’ll unleash Democrats to gut the Senate’s filibuster rules.

Mr. Obama didn’t explicitly state the threat portion of that ultimatum—he’s leaving that dirty work to the reliable Harry Reid. But everyone knows that’s the subtext of Tuesday’s announcement, which is a political attempt to realign the balance of power on an appeals court that has frustrated the Administration’s regulatory overreach.

The Senate has “a constitutional duty to promptly consider judicial nominees for confirmation,” Mr. Obama averred in the Rose Garden. “Throughout my first term as President, the Senate too often failed to do that.”

He might have added, but somehow didn’t, that the Senate also too often failed to do that “duty” when George W. Bush was President. You could even say that Senate Democrats invented the filibuster against D.C. Circuit nominees. Who can forget the successful Joe Biden-John Kerry effort to defeat the distinguished appellate lawyer Miguel Estrada mainly because he is Hispanic and might make it to the Supreme Court someday? And how about the denial of a vote for 918 days to Peter Keisler? Both men had majority support but weren’t confirmed because Democrats set a standard of 60 votes.

Read it all if you can. This is the same guy who tried to jam up the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, but never mind about that. Obama’s got a court to pack, lest his administration’s onerous regulations be found to be unconstitutional. He can’t fundamentally transform America on his own. He needs the backing of the courts, and come hell or high water, he’ll do whatever he has to do to make sure that his edicts will be backed up. But of course, the low information voters will be clueless.


Just as a side note here – what the heck is wrong with an electorate who thought their country needed fundamental transformed. We live, or at least we used to live, in the freest country on God’s great earth and this man is doing everything possible to erode our freedoms. Antonio Gramsci would be so happy.

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