Obama To Appoint Susan Rice As National Security Adviser

Susan Rice (A/P Photo)

Susan Rice (A/P Photo)

White House national security adviser Tom Donillon is stepping down from his position a little earlier than planned, and President Obama will appoint UN Ambassador Susan Rice to replace him. You know, the Susan Rice who lied to the American people about the Benghazi attack over and over again. The Susan Rice whose tenure on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council is best characterized as inept. Her appointment doesn’t need to be approved by the Senate.

The appointment, which Mr. Obama plans to make on Wednesday afternoon, puts Ms. Rice, 48, an outspoken diplomat and a close political ally, at the heart of the administration’s foreign-policy apparatus.

It is also a defiant gesture to Republicans who harshly criticized Ms. Rice for presenting an erroneous account of the deadly attacks on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya. The post of national security adviser, while powerful, does not require Senate confirmation.

Mr. Obama also plans to nominate Samantha Power, a National Security Council official, as Ms. Rice’s replacement at the United Nations on Wednesday. Ms. Power, who has written extensively about genocide, is closely allied with Ms. Rice on human rights issues.

Rice’s replacement at the UN, Samantha Power, won’t be much of an improvement.

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