Obama Failed To Appoint Inspectors General To Numerous Departments


The most transparent president evah strikes again! President Obama has failed to appoint inspectors general to numerous departments, including State, Defense, Interior, and Homeland Security. What a shock. The Wall Street Journal has the details.

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Some of the government’s largest cabinet agencies, including the departments of Defense, State, Interior and Homeland Security, haven’t had permanent inspectors general in place for one to five years, raising concerns from lawmakers and government-watchdog groups that the Obama administration isn’t sufficiently policing itself.

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All told, departments lacking permanent inspectors general account for about $843 billion in annual spending, almost a quarter of the federal budget. Inspectors general are independent officials within an agency whose job is to root out waste and misconduct. They run staffs of auditors, criminal investigators, program analysts and others that can total in the hundreds of employees.

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Some large departments haven’t had permanent watchdogs in place for years. The State Department, for instance, hasn’t had a permanent inspector general in place since 2008; the Labor Department has lacked one since 2009.

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While the departments without permanent internal watchdogs have acting officials or deputies in place, some people say that a permanent leader would likely be more effective. (Read More)

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Well the last thing anyone in this administration wants is effective oversight.

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