Marshall University Professor Calls For Mass Murder To Do Away With NRA


Chris Swindell

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This professor of journalism at Marshall University, Christopher Swindell, is calling for a violent civil war to do away with the National Rifle Association. This man who is charged with shaping young minds in his day job wrote an anti-NRA op-ed that actually called for mass murder. I’m not going to link to the piece. You can find out all you need to know about it at PJ Media and The Other McCain. Noted in both posts is Swindell’s lack of writing ability.

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The hilarious part of the story is that Swindell posted a video a few years ago asking why we all can’t just get along.

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I mean, this part is just hilarious:

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So to start, I too will stop. I’ll stop with the accusations and the name-calling. And I’ll start listening for good ideas from any political stripe.

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That was in 2011. In 2013, he’s pushing for civil war to murder millions of law-abiding Americans who don’t happen to wear his political stripe. (Read More)

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So much for stopping the accusations and name-calling.

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Oh, and the cost of attending Marshall University is $18,387 for West Virginia residents, and $26,387 for everyone else. If Swindell is indicative of the caliber of professors at that institute of higher learning I’d say that students and parents are not getting their money’s worth. Then again, it’s not like most of their competition is any better.

H/T Daily Pundit