MA Governor Took A Nap During Boston Lockdown


Deval Patrick

Millions of people in the Boston area were on lockdown during the manhunt of the Tsarnaev brothers after they were identified as the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. It was a major inconvenience, and no doubt had to be scary and unsettling. So, what was the governor of Massachusetts doing? I guess he got tired, so he took a nap.

According to the story, Patrick also spoke on the day of the lockdown with President Barack Obama, who asked for details on the game plan.

In the afternoon … I went back to the offices in the State House … and I took a nap,” Patrick said in the account. Then “the phone rang. It was the president. … And he said, ‘Deval, I’m briefed. … What are you going to do about the city? You can’t keep it locked down indefinitely.’

“I said, ‘Mr. President, I know that. … I’m trying to sort that out now,’” he continued, noting that the conclusion was that if the door-to-door search in Watertown, Mass., wasn’t successful, citizens could move freely but should do so with caution. Soon after the lockdown was lifted, law enforcement and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev engaged in a standoff, and he was eventually captured late that Friday night. (Read More)

It’s bad enough that he took a nap in the afternoon while in the middle of a major crisis, but admitting it so openly really calls his judgment into question.