Knockout Game? Stop Calling It A Game!



You may have heard about the Syracuse, NY man who was savagely beaten to death by some teenagers the other night. If you heard about it from the local media in Syracuse you would think it was just a game gone wrong. They even have a name for it – “The Knockout Game.” Well, this is no game. These kids kicked and punched this man in the head so bad that his eye came out of its socket and they laughed. Now they’re only being charged with manslaughter, and one of them is pleading not guilty.

Back to the knockout game, Syracuse police describe it as teenagers choosing a random person to knock out with one punch, as if that’s somehow normal behavior. But of course, they say not to play this game, because it’s dangerous. Seriously, that’s what we’ve been hearing on the local news since this story broke. Nothing about how this “game” really involves black teens picking white targets for brutal beatings. Nope, we only hear that these kids were just out playing a little game that went horribly wrong.

Oh, and this wasn’t the first time an incident like this happened in Syracuse. According to the Post Standard, police are investigating four other incidents. How many more that we don’t know about? One of the perpetrators is 13 years old. What was he doing out at 9:40 PM without supervision of a parent? We won’t have an answer to that question since their names aren’t being released.

I avoid going to Syracuse as much as possible, even though our town borders the city. Now I have another reason to stay away. It isn’t safe.