Judge Orders Sebelius To Make Exception For Girl Who Needs Lung Transplant



The parents of Sarah Murnaghan have been desperately trying to have Sarah placed on the adult lung transplant list. They aren’t asking for any special treatment for their daughter, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, only that she be put on the list so she has a chance at a life-saving transplant. They also want the rules changed to benefit other children. A federal judge seems to agree with them, or at least he agrees that Sarah should be placed on the list, as he has ordered HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to make an exception.

A federal judge has ordered Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to allow Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old in Pennsylvania dying of cystic fibrosis, to be moved to the adult lung transplant list. Normally federal policy prevents children younger than 12 from receiving donated adult lungs, but Sebelius has been under pressure to change the policy.

The parents of the girl asked the judge on Wednesday to order Sebelius to alter organ donation rules so that the dying child has a better chance of receiving new lungs. They say she is running out of time. U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson granted a temporary restraining order to exempt Murnaghan from the current policy, and there will be a hearing on June 14. (Read More)

Of note is that if a private donor wanted to specify Sarah (or anyone in need of a transplant) as the recipient this issue would be moot.